The Muse (Illustration 8" x 10")
Rabbit Museum


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Renegade Rhino (Watercolor 18" x 31")


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Top Hat
Top Hat & Tails (Watercolor 18"x24")

Art - Online, Etc.

Countless types of art exist for the art lover - from art prints to fine art. A variety of media offer any art aficionado a vast realm from which to enjoy and purchase - including watercolor, oil, acrylic and mixed media.

For those considering their buying options - art online vs. art bought other ways - whether it be from famous artists or painters or reproductions in the form of art posters, the range of prices has something to offer most people.

How then do you begin searching for and ultimately acquiring the best artworks for you?

Asking yourself the question - "What is the most reliable or best method of buying art for me?" will start the process. Searching online may offer you the largest selection of art but is a more impersonal approach. While on the other hand, exploring a local art gallery or fair could give you satisfaction from a face-to-face meeting with one of your favorite artists.

Acquainting yourself with the art field is useful. For instance: price ranges for famous versus unknown artists, markup, bidding, and what your particular tastes are will assist you in selecting from the wide assortment you have available to you.

When people are browsing online, what are some of the most searched for and perhaps purchased types of art? Many Internet shoppers seek these particular kinds of art:

Other than personal preference, aesthetics, beauty, artist's fame or name, and investment value, a key feature to consider is price. Usually, the cost of art from an unknown artist is lower than fine art from a famous artist.

What constitutes fine art? Many criteria are followed to determine this distinction, but typically, art made by well-known or historical painters and artists with well-established reputations dictate top price.

If you are buying a reproduction instead of an original piece of art your price will be substantially less. If your budget is restricted, you could consider a price range in between - such as the artist's signed, limited edtion, high quality print of an original artwork.


Sunday Drive
I am an artist and painter, who works in watercolor and other media. Often, my art engages a vivid color palette in a whimsical and surreal fashion. Areas include: watercolor, acrylics and mixed media. Forms are: paintings, drawings, illustrations and other creations.

Frequently, my intent is to express unusual mixtures of images -- often with a little humor. Painters and artists (especially of surreal art) use various processes to get inspiration. These can include tapping into both their conscious and unconscious minds through such means as memories, free association and dreams.








Judy Mason Art - Artist, Painter, Illustrator


Petal Profile (Watercolor 18" x 24")

The ButterFlyon (Watercolor 18' x 24")

The Vacuum of Space (Watercolor 18" x 24")

Purr-fect (Watercolor 18" x 24")
Star Dream (Watercolor 19" x 15")
Croaker + Quacker = Cracker (Watercolor 15" x 18"")
Stairs to Everywhere (Watercolor 24" x 18")

Rabbit Museum (Graphite 24" x 18")

Lunch Date on Mars (Watercolor - Ink 15" x 20")
Sunday Drive (Watercolor 18" x 24")
Body Optional
Body Optional (Watercolor 18" x 24")
Orangutan's Dream (Graphite 11" x 16")
EggGlass (Watercolor "24 x 18")
Cosmic Underworld (Watercolor -18"x24")
RamHawk (Watercolor 24" x 18")
ElephantFairy (Watercolor 24"x18")